Infamous Amos (swallow_soma) wrote in radicallyqueer,
Infamous Amos

The Problem of Pride

Can I just say that I'm so fucking sick of hearing about Gay Pride?

I understand (very well) the oppression of heterosexism, but for fuck's sake, I'm tired of how commercialized the event has become, and how it elevates Upper to Middle Class, White, Homosexual MEN with almost zero regard for anyone else. Gay Pride is actually code for "WhiteMaleHomosexual (and sometimes, if they're not too uppity, White Lesbian) Demographic Open Season for Capitlists" where the ecologically destructive companies that do not care about any of us can slap a rainbow sticker on their harmful, unnecessary products and sell them (at elevated prices, of course) to button-down homosexuals who STILL represent an elevated income bracket and then get themselves celebrated as ALLIES to the STRUGGLE.

Stoli doesn't care about you. The City of Boston doesn't care about you. MOTHERFUCKING GODDAMN STARBUCKS DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU. None of these entities is going to give a shit about some queer who gets bashed or raped or kicked out of her/hir/his housing if they don't have anything significant to gain from it.

It baffles me, the way for example, a corporation like Starbucks, with a notoriously vile human/labor/eco history can say, with a straight face, that they care about any kind of humanity except that which pays them dearly, generously, and often. (Which, conveniently for them, includes the disposable-income owning upwardly-mobile homosexual.)

And don't even get me started on the City of Boston. You know, the one with cops who will (and have) arrested people for witnessing police brutality, and knowing and exercising their rights. And that asshole Menino, another tool of the state who patently doesn't care about anyone if they're not licking his boots and paying him for the privilege.

All this rage generally seethes under the surface, but good lord, I'm so tired of people who legitimately struggle under the heterosexist, gender binary-enforcing, generally white supremacist (even if they don't use those words anymore... now it's all about "accepting" and "tolerating") haves vs. have-nots regime, who actually get excited about about shit like Gay Pride because they think... what? That it'll be any different from the same old majority-favoring exploitative bullshit that we face every single day anyway, except they're slightly less likely to get queer bashed for making out in public?


I'd add my tirade about how ludicrously short-sighted it is to celebrate the "triumph" of the homosexual while remaining blind to the fact that violence against queers is directly correlated to violence against women and people of color, all of which are institutionalized, and therefore endorsed and perpetuated by the state, but I think I'll save that particular rant for another day.

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